Water Framework Directive Conference

 4 September 2012 Water Framework Directive Conference
River of Dreams
connecting knowledge and people in border-crossing water management


For my dearest sweetest Water,

This is a love poem. For you, my darling Aqua.
Even though it’s useless, because you never listen and most certainly cannot read.
And most of the time do things your own way and I simply have to obey.
You are hard to be tamed, I gave it a shot anyway.

You wave in beauty

You wave in beauty, like the sunlight
which is full of warmth and in light blue skies
You sparkle and twinkle just like my eyes
when we met
Fill me up with butterflies

You can be warm and wavy and make me float
cold and hard even flaky like sticky snow
pour as rain and go down my throat
In the end you always make me glow

O love of my live, river of dreams,
there is nothing vital about me without you it seems
Never leave
It will break my heart and drown me with grief
Never leave                    I’ll never forget you and will always wonder why
I’ll be just a sack of bones feeling very very showerless thirsty and…dry
and         slowly         die

We let you wave in beauty with Sunlight
let you bade in full warmth like light blue skies
you sparkle and twinkle in our eyes
we will always meet
our love never dies

2012 Ronella Moser www.ronellamoser.nl   

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